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Tomatoes: Pink BrandywineSudduth’s Strain

Pink Brandywine, Sudduth’s Strain

I brought in some more tomatoes from the garden.  This is a meaty tomato.  It tasted great on cream cheese sandwiches!

I bought my tomato plants from Seed Savers Exchange.

Brandywine slices on my sandwich

A couple days ago I brought in a couple ugly Pink Brandywine tomatoes from the garden. The other items in the basket, grayed out, are okra and Cherokee Purple tomatoes.

I put the Pink Brandywines in the window sill for a couple days. Today I cut one up and used it on a sandwich.

I cut the ugly parts off and put them under the sink in a my kitchen scraps box to later go to the compost pile. Only the best parts of the tomato made it to the sandwich.

I like how the slices are meaty and low on the mushy liquid that some tomatoes have. The slices of this Pink Brandywine have a solid, chunky flesh.

The slices were a good compliment to my turkey and swiss sandwich.

Young Pink Brandywines

“HI Earl What are you growing for tomatoes this year. Hope to hear from you. I will give you my newly tried varieties. Regards Pieter Lagaay”

Thanks for the message Pieter. I would be interested to know how your tomatoes grow this year.

All of my tomato plants are now transplanted to the garden. Here are a couple Pink Brandywine tomato plants in a garden bed.

pink brandywine 2008_0516

The seeds were planted in a pot on April 1, a month and a half ago. Two plants began growing in the same pot together. I transplanted both plants together since I have no more space for another tomato plant in my garden. I am waiting to see which of the two young plants looks the strongest. After I see a clear winner, I’ll snip out the lesser plant.

This year, I am growing:

  • Pink Brandywine
  • Cherokee Purple
  • Arkansas Traveller
  • Nyagous
  • Sugar Snack
  • Amish Paste
  • Mexico Midget

I have grown all of these varieties before, except for the last one: Mexico Midget, which is a cherry tomato that is new for me. Arkansas Traveller seems to taste the best and grow the best for me, which is not too surprising since I live in Arkansas. The Arkansas Traveller seems to thrive in the state it was named after.

Last year, my Pink Brandywine plants died in the heat of summer before producing any fruit. I hope to have better luck with the Pink Brandywine this year so I can give it a true taste test.

The garden is growing again.

Pictures and details will follow.

Earlier this spring, in March 2008, chives were growing.